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Stand with Grassy Narrows Fundraiser


Grassy Narrows First Nation is an Indigenous community located in Northern Ontario that has been fighting to protect their land and their rights. Their community has been subject to industrial pollution for more than 50 years and left with harmful health, environmental, and cultural effects even to this day. 

Learning about Land Back and Indigenous Rights? We have 3 ways you can Take Action with Grassy Narrows


Join the River Run: July 21st 

Grassy Narrows and their supporters are hosting the River Run, a family-friendly, creative march to raise awareness about the impacts of mercury poisoning on their environment, community, and health.

The province of Ontario has not cleaned up the river, nor agreed to fair compensation for everyone who is impacted by mercury poisoning. 

Join Grassy Narrows: 


Grassy Narrows’ demands: 

  1. Compensate everyone in Grassy Narrows fairly for the mercury poisoning and contamination. 
  2. Respect the Grassy Narrows Indigenous Protected Area and put an end to mining and logging plans in Grassy Narrows territory)
  3. Support Grassy Narrows in restoring their community and way of life from the damage that mercury has done

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Donate Now

Members of Grassy Narrows will be travelling over 1700km to Toronto to demand mercury justice and freedom. Help them come to Toronto to demand justice from Ontario leaders.

Help fund their travel





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